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You have a right to personal happiness

Elevate Womxn Collaborative is a support organization and community for professional women who are pledged to do good for other women.

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There are millions of women all over the world working in almost every occupation who do their best to aid & empowering other women. Elevate Womxn Collaborative offers trainings in Personal Life Leadership topics, a podcast, monthly group coaching with our expert founder, and other support plus the safe space of a loving community to these female champions. With proper support they can uplift themselves and others even more effectively.

Elevate Womxn Collaborative offers a lot. Enjoy:

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Elevate Womxn Collaborative believes that every woman has a right to personal happiness. YOU have a right to personal happiness.

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Our Elevate Womxn educational focus is singularly on helping professional women to apply their obvious leadership skills to transform or enhance their own personal lives.  Elevate Womxn believes that every woman has a right to personal happiness.

By supporting this historically weaker part of a woman’s life women are made stronger overall.  Specifically, their Nature-given and Spirit-blessed power will be made fully available for whatever contribution to the world she chooses to make.  Creating an Elevate Womxn level of support via community building and through effective use of resources frees total Women Power all over the world.


Elevate Womxn Collaborative is an education center and community supporting professional women.  The site offers three levels of support and community that enable women to claim their right to personal happiness:

  1. Social—it’s a glorious and delightful women’s gathering,
  2. Education—its heart is a Learning Center with a webinar and other trainings in Personal Life Leadership topics and other resources plus monthly live group coaching sessions with me and
  3. Community Service—there are always suggested opportunities for community service to aid other women and their children.

Aisha-Sky Gates  is a personal development and relationship coach, author, organizational development consultant and trainer, and creator of Elevate Womxn Collaborative’s Personal Life Leadership program and courses.  She is the founder of Elevate Womxn Collaborative.  Write to her at

What most of us want/ is to be heard/to communicate. -Dory Previn
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