Podcast with aisha sky gates - Elevate Woman

Elevate Womxn… the Podcast!

Elevate Womxn podcast explores Personal Life Leadership topics such as assessment, speaking for your needs, and negotiation.  Talks with a wide variety of professional women illustrate what’s possible when we, women, prioritize our personal happiness.  Aisha-Sky Gates is a personal development and relationship coach, educator, author,  and founder of Elevate Womxn Collaborative.



  • 001. Prioritizing Personal Happiness with guest, Jedidah Karanja, product and digital marketer leads gapmuseWomen, a Facebook community, and hosts the podcast, HerCanvas.
  • 002  Elevate Womxn philosophy: the female empowerment mission
  • 003 What Do You Do for Self-care?
  • 004 Childhood & Female Enculturation
  • 005  How Personal is a Woman’s Personal Life? 
  • 006  What Can Life Transformation Mean for Women? 

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